Americarnage #117: NFL Mixology

NFL Mixology.

Nat and Mike well know the elements needed to blend an exciting game of footbawl and with Dan new exported to the States they have grabbed the opportunity to invite the master of mixed drinks, the chieftan of cocktails, the barman of Browns fans, Mr Paul McFadyen on to the show to tell them just how to make the most of the game, booze-wise.

In other news: Mike’s been watching sexploitation documentaries, the team is deeply surprised; it’s London Cocktail Week, get involved; Instant Reply – a book you need to read; with Dan away, Nat gets right back to Grantland; Tony Romo is about the polarising man in football – all those touchdowns, a loss and choking accusations; Geno Smith throws zero picks and the Jets look like a team; the Giants stagger further down, so do the Jags; TY Hilton tears through everything in front of him; in the NHL, the Flyers get off to an 0-3 start and immediately fire coach Peter Laviolette, something a bit Premier League about that…; the Bruins are unbeaten but so are 8 other teams so bit early yet; loads of good stuff from the BO-deans Mailbag; some great audio postcards from Dan; NFL drink-matching with Paul and much, much more…

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