November 2015

Americarnage #197: Crosse Promotional Activity

Nat and Dan have started the show before they realise there’s something wrong – they’re talking to each other without interruption and able to finish sentences unimpeded. Damn and blast

Americarnage #196: A-Vernon-Kay-nage

Nat, Mike and Dan rock up at the studio to find a pile of Mancave goodies on the table which means there must be a guest about but damned if

Americarnage #195: BrassellMania

With the Iron One out of action this week Nat and Dan decide that they’ve got to get a man of equal stature in, a sports writer and broadcaster of

Americarnage #194: The Ugly Podcast

Nat, Mike and Dan are known for their wide range of sporting tastes and many’s the hour they’ve whiled away considering what would happen if one sport took the methods