Nat Coombs

Nat is a TV & Radio host, who currently presents live NFL on Channel 4, as well as MLB coverage on BBC Five Live Sports Extra. Prior to this he fronted FIVE’s NFL coverage (alongside Mike Carlson) as well as NFL on BBC5SLX.

Mike Carlson

Mike Carlson is a Yank who’s been serving life without parole in Britain since before the Winter of Discontent. He started as sports editor with UPITN, worked for ABC Sports and Major League Baseball, and then began his downward path as a journalist and broadcaster.

Dan Louw

“Hollywood” Dan Louw is a writer, TV producer and Comedian who spends his winters travelling the midwest watching football and ice hockey and eating deep fried stuff. He’s a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts and the Montreal Canadiens.

Harry Holgate

Harry (da Producer) Holgate is a veteran of scores of productions; news, sports, comedy, drama, pre- recorded or live, he has sat behind the mixing desk being critical at them all. Besides that he has run Satellite radio stations, sold wine and made furniture.

Nicky Spesh

Nicky Spesh makes & performs all the jingles heard on Americarnage. September saw him up to his old tricks freestyling with hip hop legends Lords of the Underground in north London. Nicky Spesh’s creation Butterscotch Espinosa is creating a buzz.